The Best of Learning with Nikon

nikonThe partnership with Nikon Professional Services has been one of our longest relationships in the lifetime of the workshops. Nikon has always held educating the next generation of photographers as a top priority — and at the Summit it is no different.

At our workshops, Nikon provides in-personal technical support as well as consignment bodies and lenses to rent out for use throughout the workshop time. This has helped many photographers learn on the latest equipment to become the better photographer they want to be.

Why Be a Part of the Summit?

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops represents the pinnacle of continuing education in photography. Our premier workshops combine the best instruction in photography and latest digital technologies with top-level creativity and the best career networking available anywhere. This has led to over 30 years of successful Summit Workshops with a reputation for being the best of the best.

With Summit Online, we are able to bring you the same premier photography education without you having to leave your own home. Enjoy these high-end online photo courses on your own time from any device!

The Most Unique Workshops

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops has a unique system that allows you to attend workshops in awe-inspiring locations that promote creativity and growth, and to receive a priceless education from our team of elite, professional photographers, editors, and filmmakers. You simply cannot find another workshop that delivers more guidance and expert advice than a Summit Workshop. Let us help your photography flourish!

By Creatives, For Creatives

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops is powered by Clarkson Creative, a media production company founded by Rich Clarkson that specializes in fine photography and creative media production. Being backed by a team of photographers, videographers and digital media specialists allows our workshops to provide participants an environment that promotes creativity and growth. We’re here for you and your photography.

Meet the Best in the Industry

For over three decades, we have brought the most elite photographers, editors, and creatives from all over the country and abroad to be a part of our unique ‘team-teaching’ workshops.

Networking to the Extreme

Workshop alumni regard the Summit networking as the best tool to jumpstart a career, collaborate on new ideas, and build a rolodex of top-notch creatives.

Online Education

Bring our top-tier workshops home with you and watch our high-quality online photography courses that cover topics from editing to engagement photography to photo research.

High Attendee Satisfaction

You will not find a more personable and organized educational workshop that has the sole focus of bettering you in the expanding creative world. We are here for you!

OUR 2020 & 2021 In-Person Workshops

Summit Sports

July 9-14, 2021
Denver, Colorado


July 24 – 31, 2020

Summit Lighting

August 2021
Indianapolis, Indiana


August 2021
Scottish Highlands & Islands

Summit Adventure

September 12-17, 2020
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Summit Nature

September 27 – October 2, 2020
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Peruvian Amazon

October 2021
Manu National Park


April 2021

Sandhill Cranes

March 2021
Kearney, Nebraska