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Have you ever marveled at a masterfully crafted image, and wished you could create something with so many elements just as polished? Or have you been compositing for some time, but looking to refresh, refine or advance your skills? Then look no further, for this course is an indispensable guide for beginners and veterans alike! Get in-depth instruction on how to create seamless, surreal images from an expert in the industry. Graphic designer and senior portrait photographer Matt Hernandez mentors you from start to finish through the world of compositing, covering the many tools that can be used throughout any image editing process. From creative dodging and burning, to altering existing elements in the single image, to custom brushes, this is an essential course you don’t want to miss!

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this course Matt will show the importance of non-destructive editing, as well as teach you how to organize your photoshop file to be more efficient. He stresses the importance of working in layers, and shows how using masks and blending modes to your advantage can not only ease process, but also speed up production time!

 ‘Compositing 101″ trailer below:

  • Lesson One (22:24): Concept Creation
  • Lesson Two (27:53): Placement and Layout
  • Lesson Three (50:23): Clean Up and Cloning
  • Lesson Four (36:12): Advanced Dodge and Burn
  • Lesson Five (53:06): Selections and Cut-Outs
  • Lesson Six (37:17): Creating the Background
  • Lesson Seven (1:01:11): Adding Elements
  • Lesson Eight (33:31): Creating Realistic Shadows
  • Lesson Nine (49:21): Creating Realistic Separation
  • Lesson Ten (37:56): Color Management and Grading
  • Lesson Eleven (16:12): Custom Sharpening
  • Lesson Twelve (33:14): Final Touches and Export

Compositing 101 trailer

Know your instructor // Matt Hernandez

Pictures From Class

Make sure to download the source files that Matt has provided to follow along in the whole process HERE!