Summit Sports Photography Photo Contests

Our annual amateur and professional photo contests are back, and this time, they have a Sports Photography theme! You may enter through the website here or through our Facebook page. You can enter up to 3 photos and the winning image will be selected by the judges from the top ten images that receive the most votes during the voting period.

Image Submission Period – MAY 29 – JUNE 5, 2017

Image Voting Period – JUNE 6 – JUNE 13, 2017


Winner receives a FREE TUITION to the Summit Sports Photography Workshop in Denver, CO on July 12-17, 2017! We have 2 contests running concurrently — the Professional and the Amateur contest – and they both have a separate winner.

To be considered amateur, you cannot make more than 50% of your income through photography over the year. You also should not a have a job as more than a part-time photographer.

To be considered professional, you must make more than 50% of your income through photography over the year. Also, if you are a full-time photographer you are considered professional.

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Photo Submissions

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Annual Winners

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Eyes on your Image

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Free Workshops