Gilman: Swallowed by Jaws

By January 28, 2016Adventure, Faculty
Copyright Lucas Gilman

“The worst-case scenario at Jaws is definitely death.”

On Jan. 15, 2016, legendary surfers travelled to Peahi in Maui, Hawaii to battle skyscraper-sized waves. They were accompanied by one of our own, Lucas Gilman. Summit Workshops instructor Lucas Gilman is renowned for his adventure and sports photography and his ability to capture stunning surfing photographs. He has photographed surfers all over the world, from the warmest of tropical waters to the most frigid of arctic waters.

But Peahi, also called Jaws, is different. Nobody knows what to expect from Jaws. With 80-foot waves, world-records could be set on this day.

Visit ESPN for the full story and set of photographs.

Photographs by Lucas Gilman.

[via Lucas Gilman, ESPN]

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